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In this sense, nationalism is more different In this sense, nationalism is more different than the others.


Every nationalism has it's own specific features. Therefore nationalist principles which are universal, fixed and on their own existing as the quality, cannot be said and it is not possible. Nevertheless, the most significant resource of nationalism is the concept of the nation.

Besides nationalism is an extensive and used to define two quite distinct things that a political doctrine or ideology and a social and political movement like other terms in social science. But nationalism is going to be addressed as an ideology. The ideology of nationalism is divided as ethnic nationalism and civic nationalism.

Because of this reason, the question of " What is ethnic nationalism?

When both of these questions will be tried to answers, some examples will be given from the past or history as the examples for ethnic nationalism Nazist Germany, Facsist Italy during the period of World War II and the examples for civic nationalism the idea of Ottomanism and the case of United States of America basically.

In addition, the explonations of ethnic nationalism and civic nationalism which as two different kinds of nationalism comes in front of us, will be tried to be sitting somewhere inside the ideology of Turkish Nationalism and the dimensions of it that explain by different perspectives.

The differences, the similarities and the same points will be put forth between Turkish Nationalism and ethnic-civic nationalisms by comparing. Also the question is that " Can we define Turkish Nationalism as a civic nationalism? The rise of civic nationalism in both Hong Kong and Taiwan indicates a prominence of democratic liberal values which are contributing to the further rejection of an ethnonational Chinese identity imposed by Beijing.

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Using the Using the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong and the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan as case studies, this paper examines how the rise of civic nationalism is furthering the nation-building project of Hong Kong and Taiwanese identities. Following a comparison between the Umbrella Movement and the Sunflower Movement in terms of the sequence of events, the paper identifies the impact of the movements on both societies through an examination of the successes and failures of each movement, the rise of new political forces and party politics, as well as political institutions.

The paper concludes by discussing the implications of the widening identity gap of Hong Kong and Taiwan from China. Certainly not! Nation — a modern term with no ancient As we see it, it was very common for several populations that belonged to the same nation to be organized in different states. The same situation is observed years later among the Phoenicians, when Tyr, Sidon, Arwad, Byblos, Beirut and other states-kingdoms coexisted for hundreds of years, at times peacefully and at times at war. The Assyrians and the Babylonians, both descendants of the Akkadians who were the earliest Semites to form an empire with Akkad Agade as capital in the 24th and 23rd centuries BCE, were apparently the first nation in the world to be divided on religious, cultural and ideological grounds.

This started happening at the very end of the 3rd millennium BCE.

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The phenomenon was repeated in Ancient Egypt, and there too we have noticed great examples of national division due to religious, cultural and ideological grounds; the post-Ramesside period at the beginning of the 11th c. BCE is plenty of divisions.

For centuries, Egypt was divided and ruled by two or even three parallel dynasties; the 8th — 7th c. Scotland — the Referendum for Independence, and the reasons of a temporary failure - By Prof. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis. When the first results were announced as there were no exit polls , it became clear that Scotland had lost a once-in-a-generation chance to become independent.

Renegotiating Scottish Nationalism after the Independence Referendum

This does not mean that Occupied Scotland will stay within the so-called This does not mean that Occupied Scotland will stay within the so-called United Kingdom for another 20 or 30 years, but it makes clear that there will be no change for the next years for sure. What was the reason for No-vote to prevail? Scottish independence leader Alex Salmond and his team underwent a great effort in which a great historical perspective was missing.

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