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We can convince ourselves that we know the real problems and know the real solutions to happiness. But ever looming is the God Who has power over life and death and the promise of eternal destruction because we are transgressors, sinners, full of iniquity and deceit.


What if I told you that two men from ISIS were standing outside our doors right now with intent to do us all harm? What if I told you that a man whose sins are not covered has a greater problem than a terrorist standing right in front of him? Sin is the state of being an enemy of God. Where He is holy, we are not. Where He is pure, we are not. We crave our own way.

Psaume (RSV) 66

We desire for ourselves. We lust for things we ought not and from this wellspring of filth is where all our actions originate. If we were convinced that we stood as transgressing, sin-filled, iniquity-filled, deceit-filled people before a Holy God then we would feel cursed. But the Psalmist is saying that the blessed man is the one whom God Himself has removed all of these things.

If it could be true that the Lord would see all of this in us and take it all away then that would be a great relief. Where we once saw a problem larger than anything we could conceive we would now marvel at the idea of being released from it all. We are ashamed but convince ourselves that the best thing to do is to hide that reality inside our hearts.

A Journey through Lent

We might even be convinced that God will never get over such a thing so the best thing to do is to never bring it up. In Luke 15 , the Pharisees were complaining that Jesus was hanging around sinners and so He told three parables to express how much joy the Lord has in the repentance of sin. And what delight there is when we turn from the inner destruction of sin and to the face of a loving Father!

I agree that it was much more fun to read all the thoughts and text here than it was reading this book. That was my only motivator to read the parts, so that I could chat with everyone about it and see if I was the only one with this opinion. Excited for the next book! That ending! Going to be exciting to see what follows — waiting for release not so much though!!!

You Are My Hiding Place (Psalm 32)

Loved all the storyteller names dropped in too. Great pick Fairyloot. I loved the family banter between the brothers.

Bible Living

I really, really love Torden. It was so heartbreaking that they could have been happy together but have been forced apart. Torden helped Selah grow more confident and stronger. I have a feeling that Alessandra is working for the Imperiya to take over that part of the world. This readalong was super fun for me due to all you guys and G! I loved the experience.

The book fell flat for me towards the end. I even believed that Anya would run away. But noone can fault her. I for some weird reason kept expecting some magic or paranormal aspect. This was the book that I needed. I had so much action packed books and this one was more romance focused! This story feels realistic and like fantasy at the same time. An amazing combination if you ask me. I love how ordinary Selah is for someone with such a high status.

Bear was apparently a liar and the prince I expected him to be. She ruined my ship… please tell me that Torden comes back in the second book? She ruined my ship… please tell me that Torden comes back in the second book. I just want to dive right into the second book……………… I must say I love read alongs, getting me to read everyday and damn it has such a good effect on me. Thank you for this amazing book!! I have such mixed feeling about this book. On the plus side, the romances were completely swoony.

See a Problem?

On the minus side, I did not really understand the world they live in. It our world but at the same time completely different. Was it intentional from the author? The plot is there one?

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The end makes me hope that it is going to be better and that events will stop falling from nowhere. Too many characters! Other should not have been cited since they had literally no purpose. Even though it had its flaws, it was a gripping story and I keep reading far faster than I should have except maybe the end.

Thank you Fairyloot and thank you G. I loved this book!! And I loved to read it with you all! I truly enjoyed reading your comments and thoughts and to share mine! I will try to participate in the upcoming readalongs! What an ending!!! Torden is my favourite suitor! When he asked godmother Althea for her blessing, my heart was melting!

I really want this relationship to work out! I hope we will see Torden in the following book!! As regards Selah, I feel like thanks to this voyage, she has been able to grow and to learn more about herself.

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  • I want to see what will be waiting for her and her crew in the next book! I loved the book Yes it is dissaponting that we did not get the ending that we wanted of her choosing someone all thoe she did she chose Torden I think they would have been great together. I loved that Torden was able to find a tower so Selah could talk to her Godmother and she got her blessing!